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Schools in Shillong

Updated on: Apr 22, 2013
Shillong has always been known for its schools, which provide high quality education to its students. Some good schools in Shillong include St Peter’s High School, Sacred Heart High School, Don Bosco High School, St. Thomas M. E. School, Jowai Public School, Marian Hill Boys High School, St. Mary Mazzarello High School, B.K. Bajoria School, Holy Child High School, Sobhana High School, etc.

With excellent all round facilities like sports, cultural activities, innovative medium of study, schools in Shillong excel in the overall development of the child. They provide them with all the facilities required to make a proper base of understanding in every field.

Shillong in Shillong are consistent in showing excellent performance every year, be it in the field of study or any other co-curricular activities.
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